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Sussex Centre for Migration Research (SCMR), University of Sussex

Established in 1997 as a University Centre of Research Excellence, the Sussex Centre for Migration Research draws together researchers from the disciplines of anthropology, development studies, economics, geography, law, political science, psychology and sociology. The Centre is coordinator of the Development Research Centre on ‘Migration, Globalisation and Poverty’, a network funded by the UK Department for International Development that brings together researchers from Albania, Bangladesh, Ghana and Egypt. The Centre’s research is explicitly international, both in subject matter, and in its audience. Of relevance to the MAFE project, SCMR has collaborated with the University of Ghana, Legon, since 2000, on projects related to migration, return and development, and has conducted a number of projects involving field surveys with migrants in both Ghana and the UK. This has included focused work on undocumented migrants, qualitative studies focused on transnational mobility, and policy analysis and dialogue orientated towards both the UK and Ghana governments.


The Tasks

SCMR is responsible for the collection of contextual data within the MAFE project (WP4), as well as policy analysis, dialogue and dissemination (WP9).


The Team

Richard Black (Geographer) has over 20 years research experience working on migration in both Africa and Europe, with both quantitative and qualitative skills. He is cluster leader for the research group working on ‘Migration and development: causes and consequences’ within the IMISCOE network, and has field research experience in both Ghana and Senegal.

  • r.black@sussex.ac.uk

Adriana Castaldo (Economist) is a Research Fellow at SCMR, focusing on causes and consequences of migration at the individual and at the household level. With strong skills in statistical and econometric analysis, with experience of large household survey data from Albania, Ghana and Egypt, she has recently spent time at the University of Ghana to provide support with data cleaning and analysis, as well training in statistical and econometric methods of analysis.

  • a.castaldo@sussex.ac.uk

Saskia Gent (Communication Manager) has developed the Centre’s communications strategy and is responsible for policy publications and events. She has extensive experience of communications techniques, information systems, people management and project management in a range of roles from journalistic to media consultancy to marketing.

  • s.e.gent@sussex.ac.uk

Jon Sward (Communications Staff)

  • js290@sussex.ac.uk

David Garbin (Post-doc) has worked on the Congolese data collection.

  • d.garbin@sussex.ac.uk

Nalu Binaisa (Post-doc) has worked on the Ghanaian data collection.

  • i.n.binaisa@sussex.ac.uk


Contact details

Sussex Centre for Migration Studies
University of Sussex,
Brighton BN1 9SJ

Website: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/migration/

SCMR, University of Sussex

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