Policy dialogue meetings

Busan side-meeting 30 août 2013

How to access the MAFE datasets ? Insights on newly released data on Afro-European migration

The MAFE (Migration between Africa and Europe) project data will be released in January 2014. This meeting will provide a first insight on the survey methodology, on the datasets structure and will present some case studies of analysis ran by the MAFE team. It is open to all researchers and students who may be interested to use the MAFE data.

Comparative and representative data were collected in three African countries (DR Congo, Ghana, Senegal) and six European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and United-Kingdom). The data can be used for a wide range of analyses on international migration, as well as on other topics since the samples includes current migrants, returnees as well as non-migrants in Africa.  The questionnaires cover various aspects of the respondents’ lives (occupation, family, migration, etc.). Datasets are available at three levels: individual, household and macro-contextual. The individual data consist in detailed life histories that can be used for all types of longitudinal analyses.

Roundtable, Bruxelles, 27 septembre 2012

The objective of this policy roundtable is to showcase findings from the MAFE research project and discuss their significance for European and national policies. The roundtable will provide an opportunity to fine-tune policy briefings and associated policy recommendations ahead of the project final conference in December. It will also allow a preview of findings policy makers ahead of the project’s formal launch in December.

Roundtable report

Participants list

Policy Workshop on Migration and Transnationalism, Brussels, 23 May 2011

The aim of this workshop was to explore the policy implications of new forms of transnational life-styles and the effects of migration across national boundaries. Researchers from the MAFE Project and Project TRANS-NET both be participated in this event, along with European policymakers.

Agenda for workshop.

Presentations given at this workshop by Cris Beauchemin (INED) and Richard Black (Sussex) are available in the Publications section, under ’General presentations.’

MAFE/ILO roundtable, Turin, 8 Oct 2010

On 8 October 2010, FIERI organised an international policy dialogue seminar at the ILO-ITC Campus in Turin.

Summary of meeting and programme (FR).

PowerPoint presentations from the seminar are available in the Publications section.

’Between life-course of the migrants and political expectations, what co-development in Sub-Saharan Africa?’ Dakar, 21st November, 2009

The first policy round-table of the project took place in Dakar on Saturday 21st November 2009.

This seminar weas organised after the scientific symposium on international migrations organised by the University of Dakar (17-20 November 2009).  The aim of this round table was to address the following question: are international migrants the vectors of development so sought after by African and European policymakers?

Beauchemin, Kabbanji, Schoumaker (2010) (FR)

First Senegalese policy-dialogue meeting, Dakar, 5th February 2009

On 5th February 2009, UCAD (Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar) organised an international policy dialogue seminar on the first results of the MAFE-Senegal project.

Summary of the meeting (FR)

First French policy-dialogue meeting, Paris, 23rd January 2009

The first French policy-dialogue meeting took place in Paris on 23rd January 2009. Organised by the NGO ENDA-Europe, the meeting brought together institutional and private stakeholders of migrations in France.

Summary of the meeting (FR)

List of participants (FR)

See also the Publication section for the powerpoint presentations.