MAFE project

The Migrations between Africa and Europe Project

The MAFE project is a collaborative research project (See the Page Partners) that started in 2005 with the objective to collect and analyze innovative data on migration between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.
The key notion underpinning the MAFE project is that migration must not only be seen as a one-way flow from Africa to Europe. Return migration, circulation and transnational practices are significant and must be understood in order to design better migration policies.

The MAFE project generated multi-sited, comparative and longitudinal surveys carried out in 3 African countries and 6 European countries. It offers a unique source of data that enables researchers to study the patterns, causes and consequences of African migration. Data collected in African countries can also be used to study other socio-demographic phenomena (union formation, fertility, socio-economic outcomes…). (See the Page Methods & Data)

The databases are available to the public free of charge for research and educational purposes.