The MAFE surveys rely on two different questionnaires
The questionnaires are almost entirely identical from one country to another. The few differences consist in:

  • cultural variables (religion, ethnic groups, matrimonial status etc.)
  • new questions introduced on fostered children in the MAFE Congo and MAFE Ghana biographic questionnaires (Module on Children)
  • the order of the questions relating to migration in the household questionnaire (Module A).



The Houselhold Questionnaire

  • Used only in African countries
  • Contains information on the members of the household and also on people who live outside the household and who are related to it (head’s children, partners living abroad, other relatives of the head or his/her spouse who live abroad and with whom the household has been in touch within the last 12 months)
  • Topics: socio-demographic variables of each individual, short migration histories, remittances, household assets, housing history
  • Available in French (MAFE-Senegal, MAFE-Congo) and English (MAFE-Ghana)






The Biographic Questionnaire

  • Used in all African and European countries
  • Contains life histories of all the surveyed individuals, whatever their migratory status at the time of the survey (non-migrant, return migrant, current migrant)
  • A grid is used, jointly to the questionnaire, to help the interviewee to recall important dates of his/her history
  • Topics: family formation, education and employment, housing, migration, investments (housing, business, community amenities or infrastructure)...
  • Available in French (MAFE-Senegal, MAFE-Congo), English (MAFE-Ghana), Italian and Spanish (MAFE-Senegal)

Download the Questionnaires :


Events grid :

RDC and Belgium (FR)


Biographics Questionnaires :

DR Congo (FR)
DR Congo for Belgium (FR)
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Ghana :

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Biographics Questionnaires :

Ghana (EN)
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Senegal :

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Senegal and France (FR)

Biographics Questionnaires :

Senegal and France (FR)
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