Advisory Board

An international advisory board made up of six stakeholders in the area of international migrations represents the three key users of MAFE project results (researchers, policy-makers and civil society).

The members of the advisory board contribute their expertise in terms of methodology and research organisation, as well as a user perspective to ensure the relevance of MAFE work in relation to its various audiences. Furthermore, the members of the advisory board act as multipliers of the research impact, by advising on and/or participating in the dissemination of results.

  • Research

Doug Massey is Professor of Sociology at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and is the founder and co-director of the ‘Mexican Migration Project’ and the ‘Latin American Migration Project’.

George Groenewold is Senior researcher/demographer at Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, and was part of the coordinating team for the project ‘Push and Pull Factors of International Migration’.

  • Policy

Sarah Lahmani is policy analyst in the Population and Migration division at the French Agency for Development.

Agata Sobiech is main officer for relations with Sub-Saharan countries, Unit B2 Immigration and Asylum, General Directorate - Justice, Freedom and Security.

  • Civil society

Cheikh Gueye is a member of the executive committee of ENDA Tiers-Monde

Thomas Huddleston is policy analyst for the Migration Policy Group.