Democratic Republic of Congo

Département des sciences de la population et du développement (DSPD), Université de Kinshasa

The University of Kinshasa’s Department of Population and Development Sciences (DSPD) was created in 1973. It organises teaching and interdisciplinary research on population and development. Its main activities consist in: training researchers and specialised assistants in the domain of data collection and analysis of socio-demographic data, from the design of the survey to the analysis of the data; training specialised technicians in demographic perspectives to answer the demand of both the public and the private sector, implementing fundamental research that overtakes demographic phenomena but address interdisciplinary issues involving population, environment, cultures and societies, economy and health, etc.


The Tasks

DSPD’s is responsible for the data collection in DR Congo. It will also participate in the analysis of the Congolese MAFE dataset.


The Team

Jose Mangalu is Chef de Travaux at DSPD and holds an MA in demography. His master’s thesis dealt with "Relationships between demographic ageing and socio-economic development in developing countries". His main research interest lies in international migration, urbanisation and spatial distribution of the population, demographic ageing and reproductive health in developing countries. He participated in several of the surveys conducted by the DSPD, as interviewer, supervisor and member of the writing team. He has solid experience in data collection in Congo and in the analysis of large and comparative datasets.


Pascal Kapagama (Sociologist) is Professor of sociology at the University of Kinshasa. His main research and teaching areas are the relationships between poverty and mobility, and qualitative research methods.


Ussata Nappa (Demographer, BA), is currently research and teaching assistant in demography at the University of Kinshasa. He works on the relationships between migration and family dynamics.


Barthélémy Kalambayi is Head of department



Contact details

Departement des sciences de la population et du développement
Université de Kinshasa
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Démocratic Republic of Congo


DPSD, University of Kinshasa

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