Training sessions

PhD Workshop, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 23 November 2011

This workshop provided an opportunity for nine PhD students involved in the MAFE project to present research papers and get feedback from peers on their research findings. Researchers presented papers on the four work package themes of the MAFE project: determinants of migration, migratory trajectories, occupational and labour trajectories, and migration and family.

Event programme (EN)  

Sequence Analysis Workshop, INED 16-18 March 2011

This training workshop provided an introduction to sequence analysis, including training on Stata and guidance on tools to describe sequences. The workshop also included a roundtable discussion and participant presentations. The training was led by Arnaud Bringé (INED) and Elisabeth Morand (INED).

Training programme (EN)

An introduction to Event-history Analysis (discrete time models), Maastricht, 14-16 february 2009

The University of Maastricht and the MAFE team organise a training event on event-history analysis (discrete time models) in Maastricht on 14, 15 and 16 February 2009. Trainers include: Arnaud Bringé (INED), Cris Beauchemin (INED) and Tania Lejbowicz (INED), Pau Baizan (UPF), Bruno Schoumaker (UCL), Soran Toma (INED) and Cora Mezger (INED).

Training programme

First training session on MAFE data, Dakar, 7-11 February 2009

A training session on event history analysis hosted at IPDSR in Dakar took place from 7th to 11th February 2009. Fifteen researchers and PhD students participated to this event given by MAFE researchers and the Statistical Methods Department of INED. The programme is available from the right hand box.

Training programme (FR)

"Retrospective Longitudinal Surveys on Migration", workshop at INED, 24-25 June 2008

Within the framework of the IMISCOE network of excellence, cluster A2n the MAFE group organised a first workshop on "Retrospective Longitudinal Surveys on Migration" on 24-25 June 2008.

The study of the causes and consequences of international migration and development are often limited by a lack of reliable quantitative data. The collection of detailed retrospective data opens innovative avenues for research in this domain. The Mexican Migration Project (MMP) has generated very rich retrospective data on migration between Mexico and the US, and its developmental consequences. More recently, the MAFE project has also started to produce original longitudinal data on migration between Africa and Europe.

The objective of this workshop was to discuss methodological issues related to (1) data collection and (2) analysis of retrospective surveys on migration, with a special emphasis on the MMP and MAFE surveys.

It aimed at identifying potential uses and limitations of retrospective databases by discussing methodological approaches to data collection and analysis, and existing and potential results from surveys of this kind.

Training programme